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"PARADOX Griptapes from San Franciscois providing us with fresh griptape since 2007. With new flexible liner technology designed to keep crystals from shedding, new adhesive compounds for when you may not line up your grip properly and need to pull it up and realign it and a new dynamic blend of 70/80 grit for more varied traction... By the way the middle name is RAD!!
The PARADOX team: Alex Horn, Brandon Turner, Chris Senn, Dan Murphy, David Gravette, Gino Iannucci, Jake Brown, Joel Meinholz, Pat Duffy, Peter Smolik, Sean Sheffey, Tyler Surrey, Wes Kremer, Willy Santos, Adrian Mallory, Alex Perelson, Anakin Senn, Ben Hatchell, Brandon Perelson, Conner Champion, Connor Getzlaff, Cory Juneau, Ryan Petaishiski..."