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BACKFIRE Galaxy G2 + 2 Pcs of Hub Wheels

Item number: 13.63.G2.2

Category: Electric Longboard

Power Cable / Plug

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BACKFIRE Electric Longboard
Model: Galaxy G2 (2nd generation)
With the electric longboard from BACKFIRE
you experience a completely new driving experience.
It is an effective and practical means of transportation.
ECO and SPORT mode - lots of power with a guaranteed fun!
The longboard has two different driving modes.
You can either cruise in ECO mode in which you
get up to 20 km / h fast. Highly recommended in the beginning,
to get used to the board. In sports mode is the
maximum speed 40Km / h. The acceleration is
breathtaking, if you go full throttle.

BACKFIRE thinks sustainably!
The regenerative braking system ensures
that the energy that arises when braking
is led directly into the battery
and you can have fun on the board even longer.

Deck Material: 8 layers of Canadian maple
with a slight flex for a pleasant suspension.
Front wheels: 80MM / 83A
Rear wheels: 80MM sleeves (replaceable)
Axles: 180MM / 50 ° / 95A bushings
Battery: Li-ion battery / Capacity: 8 Ah / 177Wh
Charging time: about 3 hours
Engine: Type: Hub inWheel Motor / Power: 2x 300W max

Range: up to 20Km
Uphill up to 25%
Weight 6.6Kg
Speed: max 40 Km / h
Max. Load: 100 kg

This set comes with 2 additional pieces of Backfire Hub Wheels.
The characteristics of the wheels are:
Brand Name: Backfire
Size: 80 x 55mm
Material Science: high resilience PU, Polyurethane Elastomer
Hardness: 85 A
Color: gray

We point out that driving one of our acquired
Backfire electric longboards based on personal responsibility.
Wearing protective clothing is strongly recommended.
Please make yourself aware with the local laws regarding
use in road traffic, bike path and sidewalks.

Dimensions: 99,00 × 30,00 × 20,00 cm